Full comfort
with a fingertip

Your guests will enjoy the particularly comfortable and intuitive operation of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning and air-conditioning technology.

Offer your guests not only the highest comfort, but also full control.

With the Inolares Room Panel you offer your guests a particularly elegant and contemporary possibility to operate all functions of the building technology in the hotel room comfortably and centrally.

Your goal is to always be of service to your guests. From now on your service is always at hand.

The Inolares Room Panel not only gives your guests convenient access to all room technologies. Due to the possibility of a complete integration of all systems of your house (housekeeping, wake-up service, room service etc.) the innovative room control unit becomes the ultimate comfort and service interface at your request.

Speaks several
languages fluently

The Inolares Room Panel offers you different possibilities to individualize the comfort experience of your guests. The personal address of the guest is a matter of course. The S-Web technology also makes it easy to switch languages or make complex design adjustments.

climate control

Your guests will appreciate the particularly comfortable and intuitive operation of the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology.

lighting control

The Inolares Room Panel gives your guests intuitive and central access to different lighting setups – conveniently with a single fingertip.

room control

Improve your energy efficiency through smart integration and coupling of all existing technical components.

Easy to install,
even easier to use.

The configuration of the Inolares Room Panels in your company is carried out centrally in all cases – regardless of whether you only want to access individual rooms or all installed panels at the same time.

Let us advise you

We put together a tailor-made complete solution for you.