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Consulting and
project development

One of our greatest strengths is to think about projects both comprehensively and with an eye for detail right from the start. We understand your­ specific­ requirements and­ develop­ unique house and building concepts for­ you in­ dialogue with all­ parties involved. These­ concepts are­ based­ on state-of-the-art­ technologies­ and are­ characterised by­ intelligent supply management­ and­ sustainable­ construction­. After all, we want to put the optimum into your object­ so that you­ can­ get the optimum out of it later.

Consulting and project development

Inolares­ always thinks and advises you­ ahead: The recommendation of­ flexible­ systems, open-system­ technologies and­ comprehensive supply structures­ guarantees the­ long-term future viability of­ your­ building. Even in the event of­ changes in use following­ conversions and­ extensions or­ changes in­ environmental conditions. Because investment in modern building technologies­ must­ pay off in the long term,­ even in our fast-moving­ times.

The technologies and systems we use are­ intelligently­ coordinated with each other, taking­ into account­ architectural and construction-specific­ specifications. ­You can­ rely on­ our know-how and­ experience both­ technologically­ and­ financially: ­We know what­ is­ possible and­ feasible within­ your­ budget. And implement it on time­.

By the way: Inolares basically has the claim to­ functionally combine technical building equipment­ and contemporary design. Because just like you, we understand modern living space­ as a symbiosis of technological benefits, a shapely atmosphere and tangible comfort.

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Green Building

In view of the advancing climate change and the worldwide­ increasing scarcity of resources,­ new­ intelligent and­ sustainably designed concepts are ­also in­ demand ­in the construction sector. Inolares­ therefore concentrates on the ecologically and­ economically sensible­ planning and­ implementation of future-oriented­ building technology concepts­ – and is therefore also a competent partner and­ service provider­ in the field of Green Living.

Green Building Technologies

From the development of regenerative energy potential­ in the building environment­ to the consumption-optimised­ use of electricity, water, gas and oil to the­ recycling of rainwater or building heat­ – Inolares combines environmental awareness­ and resource efficiency­ with the individual needs of people. After all, the demands placed on­ the functionality and atmosphere of residential and commercial properties­ today are­ just as high as on their ecological and economic­ sustainability.

Major technologies such as solar energy play­ just as important a role here­ as countless, sometimes invisible technological details. From the light barrier­ at the tap to presence sensors­ for­ lighting control­ and­ energy-saving component activation­.

By the way: Inolares sees green building as a team challenge. Because only the close conceptual­ cooperation of all project participants­ enables the development of truly sustainable building concepts­ – from the meaningful­ integration into the infrastructural­ context via the­ use of recyclable­ building materials and energy-efficient­ constructions to the planning and­ integration of intelligent building services engineering­. And because Green Building Technologies alone cannot create a green building, we provide our clients with­ advice, planning and­ coordination right from the start.

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Smart Living

You think home is the best place, don’t you? We see it the same way – especially when modern technologies­ transform your own four walls into the optimal living space­. Maximum comfort,­ sustainable environmental awareness­,­ long-term­ cost-effectiveness or reliable­ protection of people and property­. Smart Living stands for a home that meets your individual wishes and­ needs and is much more than just a technical gadget.

Smart Living Technologies

Our ultimate goal: You feel comfortable in your home. That’s why Inolares­ develops and implements intelligent, user-friendly and cost-efficient­ IT/electrical installation systems that­ offer­ you the highest quality of living­, a contemporary­ lifestyle and effective­ control and­ security mechanisms. ­Your individual ideas of­ quality of life, your­ personal­ demands on modern design and your­ responsible­ desire for resource- and environment-conscious­ living serve as our benchmark­.

Whether you­ want to turn your living room into a multimedia lounge at the push of a button­ or close your windows automatically in the event of an approaching storm. Whether you­ want to control­ your home technology­ and entertainment electronics­ with the iPad or you­ want to­ effectively­ deter­ burglars­ with­ automated lighting circuits. ­Whether you­ want to be received from a friendly illuminated home­ when you come home­ or your alarm system­ should be­ remotely­ armed if­ necessary.

With technical and organisational know-how and the highest­ quality standards, Inolares­ develops smart living concepts that inspire in form and function and­ convince through comfort,­ economy and a­ sense of responsibility.

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Regulation &
control technology

Inolares concentrates primarily on allowing you to concentrate on the­ essentials­:­ living and working­ comfortably, safely and environmentally consciously. The­ optimum­ automation of essential building technology processes­ such as air conditioning­,­ lighting or communication using­ state-of-the-art MSR technologies­ is therefore a­ central element of our­ intelligent building management concepts­.

Regulation & control technology

MSR stands for building technology that­ thinks actively and works continuously – measuring, controlling, regulating. You only make the specifications, our innovative technologies do the rest on your own.

Automatic fresh air supply­ as soon as the room air becomes too dry. Uniform room temperatures­ even with strong fluctuations in outside temperatures­. Interior lighting­ that dynamically­ adapts ­to the incidence of daylight. ­We plan and install innovative technology to keep your mind free, from conception to integration, Inolares convinces with a sound­ understanding of the process­, comprehensive­ planning,­ maximum quality and reliability as well as sustainable system integration of­ all components and the use of the ­most powerful technologies. Cost and benefit efficiency­ as well as user-friendly­ visualization­ included.

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Lighting & Shading

Light creates mood and creates atmosphere. Light promotes­ health and gives energy. Light offers protection and­ safety. And because light­ is ­so­ versatile and effective­, Inolares­ basically­ illuminates the subject­ from all sides. In addition to a needs-based­ and energy-efficient­ supply of­ light, an­ integrated­ lighting concept is above­ all designed to increase­ people’s­ comfort, well-being­,­ performance and­ safety.

Lighting & Shading Technology

Room lighting whose brightness­ automatically­ adjusts­ to the incidence of daylight. ­Protective systems that­ translate­ radiant sunshine­ into­ atmospheric interior light. ­Orientation and guide lights that­ follow­ the­ movements of people. LED workplace luminaires that­ react­ automatically­ to­ changes in ambient light. ­Lighting scenes that can be­ called up­ automatically or at the touch of a button. ­Efficient lamps and optically­ appealing­ luminaires with optimised­ light control­, lower­ energy consumption and a longer­ service life.

Intelligent building technology­ and professional system integration­ ensure that the right light is always available in the right­ quantity at the­ right­ time. ­Presence sensors­, motion detectors­, room and outdoor light sensors­ or programmed­ presence simulations­ provide the Building Management System with the­ information it­ needs to­ control­ lighting and­ shading in­ line with requirements.

We know the potential of modern ­lighting and­ shading technologies­ and develop and implement the right concept for you. Energy costs can­ be reduced by up to 75 percent­ compared to­ conventional­ room lighting,­ while at the same time­ improving the quality of your living or working environment­.

Inolares Gebäudeautomation - Engineering - TGA Planung - Berlin

Building Automation &
System Integration

Heat and cold, light and shade, surveillance and security, information and entertainment – Inolares understands intelligent building automation­ as tailor-made work: moderate in the use of resources such as energy and water. With the optimum level of­ economy and comfort. Functional and user-friendly across the board­.

Building Automation & System Integration

Inolares always ensures that contemporary living space­ meets the demands of its users as a­ matter of course. We understand the­ optimisation of technical functional processes­ in buildings above all as the creation of an environment worth living in, which does­ justice to­ the specific purpose of the building­ as well as to people and their­ needs. Today and tomorrow. In every­ life situation and with respect for the environment.

Through the complete networking of the technical units – intelligently adapted to individual usage requirements­ – we create­ quality of life for­ you­, lower your­ operating costs and protect the environment: absolute well-being­ through a healthy room climate­ or individual light and multimedia scenes­. Highest­ energy efficiency through demand-oriented­, daytime or weather-dependent­ air conditioning or blind control­. Maximum­ security through the telecommunication of­ malfunctions, alarms and emergency calls or the reduction of fire loads­. Comfortable conditions of use­ through the automation of recurring­ function sequences­ or central and location-independent­ control.

We think for you what is conceivable. And­ implement it with innovative and­ powerful technologies at the highest quality level. ­System open­ and manufacturer-independent­ – and thus maximum objective and­ long-term flexibility. Because we know Sometimes it has to be something special: Particularly versatile. Particularly individual. Or simply: especially good.

Netzwerktechnologie - Inolares Netzwerk - Hausnetzwerk - Firmennetzwerk - Intranet

News &
Network Technology

Hardly anything else has changed work and private life so much and is subject to such rapid­ development as modern communication and network technologies­. To­ be in contact with the­ valuable­ people in your life always and everywhere, to be able­ to­ send large file attachments­ or confidential­ documents in your­ everyday­ business­ life, in­ short: to­ guarantee ­secure and fast communication as one of the­ most important success factors of­ our time­ – Inolares knows your requirements and the­ current­ possibilities as well as­ future potentials of­ data and­ telecommunications.

News & Network Technology

With this understanding, our well-founded know-how and our­ many years of experience, we design communication networks­ according to your­ specific usage requirements­. The high­ speed, stability and­ security of the data flow­ as well as the optimal­ integration capability of­ the systems and­ components are a matter of course for us.

Whether passive or active components, fiber optic cabling­, conventional­ LAN or wireless WLAN connections. We realize­ efficient­ infrastructures on the newest state of the art­ and offer you boundless­ communication possibilities­. All system-specific­ data such as measured values­, events, operating and alarm messages­, control and switching signals­ are reported, logged­ and stored, and can thus­ be queried­ at any time. ­From telecommunication systems­ with ISDN and cost-optimized­ VoIP technology to secure and fast local data networks to­ fully monitored server rooms­ and communication systems­ – we know what and how to do it.

Intelligent network management and a­ service concept tailored to your­ needs­ not only open up the limitless­ possibilities of modern communication technologies,­ but­ also guarantee lasting­ comfort and optimum­ security.